Veterans Day

Veterans Day at DroneUp

Veterans Day is an important holiday for the country, for myself, my family, and everyone here at DroneUp. Our company has deep roots in the military and every year we come together to pay our respects to the men and women who have served and continue to serve this country. 
Three office buildings next to a field, with trees and suburban homes in the background.

REIT Acquisition Teams

How PropTech Works to Extend Your Workforce – Rese Cleaver Acquisition teams in REIT organizations leverage technologies in the growing prop-tech industry to drive

Important Reminders Before You Fly

 Starting your drone business is always exciting given the various commercial opportunities available to drone pilots today. Putting together your business requires logistics and

Drone Jobs: Drones in Cinema

Spotlight on John Beales and David Wilson John Beales DroneUp Callsign: jbeales2 Badges: Part 107 Certified, 360 Image, Aerial Inspection, Drone Registration, Litchi, NC

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Matthew Weber

Matthew Weber DroneUp Callsign: TCDronesLLC Badges: Part 107 Certified, Part 107 Training, 360 Image, Aerial Inspection, Aerial Mapping, Airdata Intermediate, DJI Intermediate, Drone Registration,

The 🌎 Needs a Drone Emoji

Here’s What We’re Doing About It. This March, DroneUp submitted our proposal to the Unicode Consortium Emoji Subcommittee for the addition of a drone

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Tyler Gergley

Tyler Gergley DroneUp Callsign: Gergs Badges: 360 Imaging, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Inspection, DJI Intermediate In the far-east of the Midwest, just outside of Columbus,

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Jon Starheim

Jon Starheim DroneUp Callsign: user157441 Badges:Aerial Inspection, Aerial Mapping, DJI Intermediate, Drone Registration, Insurance Verified, Night Training, Part 107 Certified, Responsible Community Pilot When

DroneUp Acquires AeroVista Innovations

Acquisition Adds Training to Complete Drone Solutions Momentum DroneUp is pleased to announce that it has acquired AeroVista Innovations, LLC (AVI) to provide full-service

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on John Kayes

John Kayes DroneUp Callsign: ospreydrones Badges: Aerial Inspection, Aerial Mapping, Drone Registration, FEMA ICS 100, FEMA ICS 200, Insurance Verified, NC Operator, Part 107