6 Reasons DroneUp has Your PropTech Solution

August 14, 2020

Drones for REITs

For REITs, their assets are their currency. Their stakeholders need to be knowledgeable of the state of those assets, most notably their properties, giving asset and property managers a huge and critical task: the quality control of their properties, ensuring they’re presentable and therefore valuable.

Property management technologies have evolved steadily, but have recently reached a tipping point where REITs have to take the next step – drone technology. PropTech is the new normal.

REITs are unsure about how to implement transformative drone technology into their business but want to remain competitive. Now more than ever, they are looking to drone technology to evaluate, protect, and market their assets.

DroneUp provides a full-spectrum of drone services and technology to assist REITs in defining, implementing and scaling drone operations. As a result, our REIT clients manage returns and asset security through transformative data reporting, streamlining inefficient processes. 

DroneUp provides solutions for REITs looking to build or scale an in-house drone program, and we also offer outsourcing — our flight services group provides the right pilot with the right equipment using the right software to collect the data you need. For your in-house drone-program, DroneUp can provide training, consulting, and equipment to ensure your pilots are ready for their missions.

Our expertise helps you mitigate risk with innovative drone solutions that will cut costs, improve productivity and safety, and increase ROI.

  • Flight Services 
  • Drone Program Development & Implementation
  • Team & Individual Training 
  • FAA Waiver Creation
  • Policy & Procedure Consulting
  • Equipment 

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