Why DroneUp?

Two people looking at a blue print.

Plan: Our team of operations experts collaborates with clients to create safe, scaleable drone deliverables together, putting people at the center of technology to drive business gains.

Fly: Our patented Mission Match platform connects clients with DroneUp’s broad pilot network, allowing us to quickly execute consistent flight plans nationwide while gathering data at scale.

Improve: Our robust suite of best-in-class analytics documents and examines each flight we take to improve processes, pursuing innovation relentlessly for our clients and communities.


Why Drone Innovation?


  • Expedite ROI: Experience one of the fastest time-to-value ROIs. Drones save your business both time and money [your boss will love that] by collecting valuable data in a fraction of the time versus traditional methods.
  • Improve Data Capture: Eliminate error and see beyond the naked eye. Capture your data from a precise location by using distinct coordinates with the ability to replicate the exact location on an ongoing basis for data comparison.
  • Gain Insights: Access your asset’s models, images, and reports – in a single location. Look at the bigger picture and better inform decision making by viewing your historical portfolio to improve maintenance and operations on the fly.
  • Increase Safety: Keep your most important assets [your team] safe. Eliminate the need to send your teams to hazardous locations by instead using a drone that can access locations high and low.
  • Extend Your Workforce: Access your data anytime, anywhere. We make it efficient for you to consistently gather data nationwide at scale [our expansive pilot network is yours]. You don’t even have to step a foot outside your office door.
Our People Work Smart for Your People
  • We have 22,000+ network pilots for nationwide coverage.
  • We have flown 101,000+ hours.
  • We have acquired 80 FAA waivers.
  • We have inventions with 10 patents.
  • We use drones manufactured in the U.S.
  • We partner with visualization and analytics experts.


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