Powerful New Technology

DroneUp is powered by GAMPS®. By leveraging the enterprise resource and mission management capabilities of the GAMPS platform, DroneUp can scale to provide mission support for hundreds of thousands of pilots responding, reporting and communicating in real time.


DroneUp takes FAA regulations seriously; we encourage all pilots to review Airspace Restrictions and adhere to the FAA regulations in place.


How to Pilot the Fleet

  • Register

    Register for an account on our mobile app easily using social sign-in

  • Alert

    When a mission is created, alerts are sent to qualified pilots nearby

  • Respond

    From within the app, pilots can acknowledge alerts and launch their drones into action

  • Report

    The app makes it easy to report information and to share mission video streams and telemetry data

Why Go DroneUp?

  • Safety

    Get the basics of safe and legal UAV operation through the requirements for commercial Remote Pilot certification through the FAA. You’ll see current and specific warnings and alerts relating to the location of the Pilot, including FAA Notices to Airman (NOTAM’s), proximity to airports and airspace restrictions for that location.

  • Community

    DroneUp members see the location of other members on our maps. Check their status and communicate using voice, chat or text. Record your hours and flights and see how you compare to other pilots, earn ranks and badges, building seniority, and join our forums to share best practices and stories around your flights and missions.

  • Emergency Assistance

    DroneUp certified members will be registered to receive alerts when law enforcement or first responders need drone assistance. Upon receiving an alert, DroneUp members arrive on scene and the senior Pilot becomes the liaison with law enforcement and/or first responders. DroneUp members can be certified for the Drone Assisted Response Team (DART).

  • Training

    DroneUp is about safety. Our free Basic UAS Operations course will teach you the basics of drone registration and operation so you can fly legally and safely in the U.S. Our free Part 107 training and practice tests you get familiar with the material you'll need to know to pass the Part 107 test and become a certified Remote Pilot.

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