An Industry-Leading Drone Pilot Community.
Focused On Safer Skies Through Continuous Education And Sense of Purpose.

An Industry-Leading Drone Pilot Community.
Focused On Safer Skies Through Continuous Education And Sense of Purpose.

DroneUp was designed by pilots, for pilots.

We are committed to continuous education and safe operations. Through this website and our free online training, you can learn how to fly drones safely and legally in the National Airspace System. We'll guide you through the basics of becoming a safety-conscious Responsible Community Pilot (RCP). Earning your RCP will allow you to fly community missions, such as lost people, lost pets, disaster assessment and post-weather events. When you're ready, we will help you get your Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA. But before any of that, you can immediately join chats and discussion forums to share ideas with like-minded community pilots. Best of all, joining the DroneUp pilot community is completely free.

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Whether you are looking for a licensed, commercial pilot for a paid engagement or a volunteer to help you find a missing pet, DroneUp has you covered. We never charge for the connection and we accept no fees or commissions.

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How DroneUp Works

Registering as a DroneUp member is easy (and free!): either register on our Training page using your email address or social sign-in or download our DroneUp app to your phone and register through the app.

Once you have your RCP, get mission alerts and participate in community assistance missions through our app. Chat in real time with other pilots. Chat off line in our forums. Earn badges and increase rank over time. Participate in contests with prizes.

Take our free DroneUp Safe Operations course and pass the test with a 90% to earn the Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) designation so you can fly legally as a hobbyist. And take our free Part 107 prep course to help earn that certificate from the FAA.

Our DroneUp app allows community-minded pilots to capture stills and video on community missions and upload them to the proper authorities. If you find the lost person or pet or you capture important video, you can report that through DroneUp chat in real-time to your fellow pilots and the mission commander.

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