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droneUp. Serving You

droneUp is about flying. It’s about building a community of enthusiasts who share a passion. droneUp was designed by pilots, for pilots to support our diverse needs and interests and can scale to provide mission support for hundreds of thousands of pilots responding, reporting and communicating in real time. droneup facilitates safety, fellowship, emergency assistance and commerce for a network of pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles using a mobile application connected to cloud servers. You’re joining THE central resource and community for drone pilots worldwide.

How to Pilot the Fleet


Register for an account on our web portal or directly through our mobile app easily, using username / password or social sign-in


When a mission is created, alerts are sent to qualified pilots nearby


From within the app, pilots can acknowledge alerts and launch their drones into action


The app makes it easy to report information and to share mission video streams and telemetry data

We Make A Difference

To pilots, the features of our app described above offer confidence in safe operation, a sense of doing good for the community and a sense of fellowship with like-minded drone enthusiasts.

To law enforcement and FAA, we offer a communication channel with responsible drone pilots, visibility into hobbyist drone operations and a chance to leverage altruistic pilots to save lives and make the community safer.

Why Go droneUp?

droneUp pilots can plot a timeline that is geographically based and incorporates media, telemetry, communication and alerts. droneUp also offers full compliance with FAA regulations for time of day.

Download the app. See who is flying where. Take the training. Use the app to do your pre-flight checks to make sure you’ll be flying safely. Record your hours and flights. Become droneUp certified. You can use the app passively to simply watch where the other members are flying or be as active as you want. All the basics are free.

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