Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services

Deliver your food untouched, hot, and fast with  DroneUp’s food delivery services, a cost-efficient and sustainable option for food delivery. Contact us to learn more.


Custom Solutions for Food Delivery

DroneUp offers custom food delivery solutions that help you meet the growing market for on-demand food delivery.  Tamper-free delivery and flight-safe packaging give your customers peace of mind.  Food is untouched and intact, and orders arrive hot and fast. In addition, innovation doesn’t stop with flight. We will work with you to create the right packaging solutions, giving you another touchpoint to delight your customers, build brand recognition, and ensure your customers have the best food experience possible.


The Benefits of Food Drone Delivery

Satisfy your customers’ cravings for on-demand food delivery by partnering with DroneUp. Drones alleviate some of the typical challenges associated with vehicular deliveries, such as human error and traffic. The result? Contactless deliveries that arrive hot, on time, and to the right address. Also, our food delivery partners can leverage our existing Hubs, allowing you to reduce operational costs and streamline logistics. Moreover, our Hubs provide a fast route-to-market solution already serving your material service area.

We deliver in 30 minutes or less, with the fastest being 17 minutes from when the order is placed to delivery.  Faster deliveries result in higher-quality food, so customers will enjoy their meal while it’s still fresh. Our temperature-compliant solutions meet FDA requirements for temperature changes, meaning cold food stays cold and hot food stays hot.

Become a DroneUp food delivery partner today to innovate your last-mile strategy. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that gets results.



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