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DroneUp offers custom solutions for drone-facilitated brand activation and experiential marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more.


Custom Solutions for Drone-Facilitated Brand Activation

Whether you’re an agency or a brand, collaborate with DroneUp to create meaningful and memorable experiential marketing campaigns, positioning your brand as forward-thinking innovators and at the forefront of technology.


Operationalize Your Creative Vision

DroneUp works with many household name brands to bring their iconic products and services to life in new and exciting ways. Our drone-facilitated brand activation initiatives have generated over 6 billion impressions, allowing brands to maximize their impact and stretch the reach of their campaigns to larger audience pools. As your innovative solution experts, we work with you to operationalize your creative vision and desired outcome for the campaign. Our expertise allows us to handle airspace setup, testing, and planning in order to execute on sky-high ideas.


Generate Unique Experiences for Memorable Outcomes

Drone-facilitated experiential marketing campaigns are memorable, long-lasting experiences for your target audience. Viewers will be delighted by the unexpected use of technology and the uniqueness of the brand interaction.

Harness the technology of drones to position your brand as a cutting-edge leader and technology first-adopter. Whether it’s brand activation, experiential marketing, a live event, or a public relations campaign, DroneUp has the creative solution experts you need to operationalize your vision and bring it to life, creating meaningful brand experiences for your current and prospective customers. 


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