Medical Delivery Services

Medical Delivery Services

Improve Patient Outcomes and Supply Chain Efficiency at Lower Operational Costs with Medical Drone Delivery. Contact us to learn more.


Medical Delivery Solutions

DroneUp provides medical delivery solutions for health systems, hospitals, clinical labs, pharmaceuticals, and more. Give your patients superior access to the care they need with our drone delivery solutions.


The Benefits of Medical Drone Delivery

  • Safer and More Reliable Deliveries: medical drone delivery eliminates some human steps in the distribution process, such as person-to-person contact. In addition, drone logistics alleviate many of the safety and delay challenges typically associated with road-based transportation, such as traffic accidents and human error. DroneUp Medical Services offers secure, contactless delivery for greater peace of mind.
  • Faster and More Frequent Deliveries: on-demand patient care via drone delivery enables you to provide critical medicinal supplies quicker than ever before. Patients can receive their prescriptions without needing to travel long distances or stand in line at the pharmacy, giving you a competitive edge.  You can also pre-plan prescription deliveries. This reduces financial losses due to patient non-adherence and leads to better business outcomes for the hospital. Or, maximize your ability to process lab work by utilizing drones to transport patient samples. In addition, ground couriers operate at scheduled intervals. Having a drone delivery solution allows you to send supplies as soon as they’re needed, increasing overall throughput and diagnostic turnaround time.
  • Higher Quality of Patient Care: including drone delivery as part of your distribution strategy enables you to expand patient access and improve diagnostic turnaround times. Improve your patient experience with faster, more convenient medical care  via drone delivery.
  • Lower Operational Costs: Delivery by drone is done at a fraction of the cost of traditional ground delivery, and in substantially less time. In addition, our medical partners can leverage our existing Hubs, leading to lower operational costs.
  • Enhance Sustainability: medical drone delivery enhances your company’s environmental sustainability. Utilizing drones for deliveries – as opposed to vehicles – lowers energy consumption and reduces carbon emissions. As a result, your logistics operations are more sustainable and leave a smaller carbon footprint.


Case Studies

SUNY Upstate University Hospital

DroneUp partnered with SUNY Upstate University Hospital and NUAIR to demonstrate scalable, economically viable medical supply deliveries across the urban medical campus, including: hospital to lab, hospital to surgery center, and pharmacy to hospital. In one week, DroneUp completed over 50 successful deliveries averaging 7 minutes per round trip.

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Quest Diagnostics | Walmart

DroneUp partnered with Quest Diagnostics and Walmart to provide drone delivery of COVID-19 at-home self-collection kits to residents within a 1-mile radius of a Las Vegas Walmart store. This proof of concept showcased DroneUp’s ability to offer clinical labs a secure, contactless solution for critical medical deliveries.

“Quest Diagnostics is proud to partner with Walmart and DroneUp on this innovative pilot program to examine how drones could deliver health care to patients who are unable to leave their home or live in remote locations.” – Dan Haemmerle, General Manager of Extended Care at Quest Diagnostics

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