Riley Weekend Weather Mission

DroneUp and are pleased to announce a collaboration! Our pilots have been asked to fly recon and flyover to capture video that will

Weekend Weather Recon Mission

Thanks to the amazing pilots who participated in our Super nationwide weather recon demo mission. In addition to all of the short clips submitted

Continuous Improvement

Starting February 9th, 2018, participation in DroneUp missions requires initial and recurring completion of the DroneUp Safe Operations training course. The course material will

Exciting Event this Weekend

Attention DroneUp Pilots: You’ll be receiving a mission alert tomorrow to capture and upload video by Sunday night as part of a relationship we’re exploring with You’ll

Responsible piloting

At DroneUp, we want to see as many people as possible flying their drones and enjoying them. We like to keep the tone here

5 Obstacles for First-Time Flyers

For most drone beginners, flying is not only exciting and tons of fun, but those first flights can be scary or concerning. With the help from our good friends at Drone Supremacy (, here is a list of five common fears for beginning

How to Become a Certified Drone Pilot: Part 1

At the end of summer 2016, the FAA implemented new regulations requiring commercial drone pilots to obtain remote pilot certification. Getting the certification requires successfully completing a test at one of the 690 FAA approved centers. Why would you

DroneUp News – Pre-launch Mission Alert

DroneUp is enormously grateful to all of our members who responded to our pre-launch mission alert last week! Your response on social media was amazing, and we were able to support our first responders in service to our local community. Our hats are off

More drones in the news!

Drones are in the news nearby, this time in York County–about a 45-minute drive from our headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia. The County has added drones to their fleet of tools for emergency assistance.

DroneUp News – Beta Rollout

Last week we announced the beginning of our early “Friends & Family” beta period.  We are releasing the app to groups of beta testers

App news: Pilot profile

Last week we announced early registration for DroneUp call-signs, so that you can get your favorite handle before the app launches in late summer. Meanwhile, our developers are hard at work on the pilot profile—take a look at it here!

We’ve gone DroneUp!

With an enhanced offering for diverse communities and expanded interest, we’re now DroneUp. What’s changed besides our name? We now have a broader set of features and engagement opportunities for drone pilots like you.