Important Reminders Before You Fly

November 16, 2020

Starting your drone business is always exciting given the various commercial opportunities available to drone pilots today. Putting together your business requires logistics and preparation; however, perhaps the most important thing that drone business owners must consider, even before taking their first flight, is establishing presence as a safe and reliable pilot.

Before promoting your business, remember that flying even remotely unprepared – without the right education and thorough risk mitigation – is dangerous on every level and can negatively affect your business endeavors. 

 As a drone service provider remember to consider the following measures:

1. Educate Yourself on Drone Regulations

In addition to learning the basic rules for safe flying, It’s important to understand the current regulations around flying your drone in National Airspace (NAS). To fly commercially, drone pilots must pass and stay current with their FAA Part 107 certification and apply for any waivers required for safe operations. 

2. Protect Yourself With the Right Insurance

Drone insurance is your way to protect yourself, others, and ultimately your drone investment. A liability policy is an added layer of protection showing that you are aware of potential risks, and are prepared to act accordingly in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, as we very well know, accidents do happen. Take the time to not only activate insurance, but also understand your policy so that you can provide information to your clients. Not sure what is the best policy for you? Set up a free consultation with a SkyWatch.AI broker.