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Whether it's multi-property facilities, dynamic infrastructure, construction sites, complex building facades, or local rooftops, DroneUp solves inspection needs better — simultaneously maximizing your business' ROI, safety, and efficiency.

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World-Class Fleet

Your next project is in safe hands. Deploying a DroneUp surveillance or inspection team can happen fast. Need added protection? Our experts can build a tailored end-to-end monitoring program for 24/7 intel.

Drone Flight Services

DroneUp's state-of-the-art autonomous commercial flight services make the most complex job simple. We deliver precise analysis and insights to improve your business progress reporting and project management.

Commercial Real Estate

Our drone services provide precise, accurate representations of properties across your portfolio, so you can make informed decisions for capital projects, planning, and preventative maintenance. Collect the information you need nationwide, at scale, from a remote location - including data for asset valuation, interior captures, facade, paving, roof inspections, and property condition analysis.

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Commercial Real Estate Services

Monitoring your construction site remotely has never been safer. Improve risk management with accountability and accuracy, while sharing progress digitally with internal and external stakeholders. DroneUp's flight services reduce operating costs with aerial imagery, orthomosaic creations, topographic mapping, 3D models, land and water run-off elevations, cut/fill analysis, and stockpile reporting.

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DroneUp Construction Services

Easily and quickly capture data for remote inspection and analysis, while reducing operational costs for the assets you insure. Improve risk management claims and accelerate underwriting decisions with drone services that include disaster management, elevation analysis, property inspections, aerial photography, and video capture.

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DroneUp Roof Inspections

With DroneUp, you get on-demand access to every asset with a single click. Capture 2D orthomosaics, 3D interior & exterior panoramas, and notes and anomalies marked directly on digital twins. Assessments are easier than ever to understand - and you don't have to leave dry land.

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Maritime Inspections Services
Infrastructure & Utilities

Our drone services help you facilitate component fault ID, avoid accessibility issues, vegetation encroachment, and minimum height and clearance distances for line and tower inspections. DroneUp's experts capture high-resolution images, 2D & 3D models, and digital twins for increased project turnaround, volume, and revenue - all safely from the ground.

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Utilities Services Image

Advanced capabilities include 24/7 all-weather wide area surveillance and the ability to autonomously launch a drone [or drones] to provide overhead surveillance or monitoring. Because manpower is normally the largest cost driver to security solutions, strategically utilizing the proper drone solutions can minimize the number of security guards needed, thereby providing significant overall savings.

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DroneUp Security
Tailored Services

Unique businesses have unique drone needs. Contact our expert team to learn how we can tailor our services to your project.

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Tailored Services

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