Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Services

Drive value for your most important investment. Together, we can collect precise data on your properties to make the most accurate representation of your portfolio and maximize your building life and performance over time.


Enhance Data

Collect information nationwide, at scale, from a remote location for a special project or over a repeated time period.

Improve Maintenance

Conduct preventative maintenance more often to ensure the conditions of your assets are documented from every angle safely and accurately.

Better Insights

Make informed decisions using the most precise level of detail for capital projects, planning, and preventative maintenance.


Let’s connect to see how you can benefit [from data made simple].


  • Precise measurements [assessments of roof, property, size of lot]
  • Inspection [including facade]
  • 3D Modeling
  • 360 Panorama
  • Image captures for marketing
  • Interior captures
  • Progress reporting
  • Safety analysis [parking lot light analysis or lot coverage]
  • Data for asset valuation, due diligence & acquisition
  • Pavement condition analysis


Tailored Services

Contact our expert team to learn how we can tailor our service to your project.

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