DroneUp New Brand Identity

DroneUp Unveils New Brand Identity to Fuel Growth & Innovation

February 07, 2022

DroneUp is excited to announce the unveiling of our new brand identity, effective today. This new brand identity begins with phase one of our website redesign, a new brand mark, and new taglines that align with DroneUp's mission to carry our partners and team members to new heights. 

Our commitment to harnessing the power of autonomous flight is represented with modern, fun, and clean imagery, demonstrating dreamers, makers, and doers looking to the sky. We've refreshed our color palette to incorporate neutral tones complementing our new hero color, DroneUp orange. These colors embody our team members' grit, passion, and down-to-earth work ethic while also showcasing the brilliance of new horizons. 

Our new brand mark represents the mission to push the power of flight forward, and our tagline, "Let's Fly," serves as a commitment to building upon innovation. This future is balanced between seamless technology and the human capital driving it forward. We're focused on collaboration and the heart behind innovation - our people and our partners.

To make drone services good for everyone, our mission is to be the most open and flexible flight services partner in the industry - an integrated platform that makes drones the most simple, efficient way for businesses to reach their communities. 

Who would have thought a delivery could descend effortlessly from the sky to your doorstep? Or that drones could inspect out-of-reach places. These are just the beginning. We're obsessed about reaching new heights; join us. The path forward is up!

For more information on DroneUp's new brand identity or to request a copy of our brand guidelines, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or contact us here.