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Partner with DroneUp through our leading airspace management solution, AirMap, for creating the safe and productive environment your community needs to enable the benefits of drones (UAS), while preserving and protecting what's most important.
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Maximize Your Community’s Use of Airspace

With AirMap, you can unlock the productive use of airspace that drives the drone economy for your community. Our technology provides an essential collaboration platform for all drone operators, commercial or recreational.

AirMap enables authorities with transparent situational awareness of all commercial drone operations, allowing for a common operational picture for UAS airspace in emergency response, disaster preparedness, day-to-day operations, and more. The application acts as a centralized registration and deconfliction for flight intent (flight plans) and flight telemetry (near real-time).

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Tools That Empower Safe, Efficient, and Responsible Airspace Utilization

AirMap gives public safety and aviation authorities the tools they need to create restricted or required authorization volumes of airspace,  increasing safety and prioritizing public resources. The dashboard contains efficient, digitalized authorization workflows with searchable/auditable historical records. In addition, AirMap’s communication tools allow for seamless communication with drone operators via SMS and listed operator mobile numbers.

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Take Flight with Leading UTM Technology

Organizations use our dashboard to solve unique airspace challenges, creating time and cost-saving efficiencies.

Enhance Visibility
  • Publish specific airspace rules
  • View aeronautical data and digitized rulesets
  • Have real-time visibility of drone air traffic
  • Improve comprehension for UAS operators
Streamline Operations
  • Flexible digital authorization engine
  • Communicate promptly with pilots
  • Streamline requests in controlled airspace
  • Ensure compliance with an audit trail
Respond Faster
  • React in near time with live traffic monitoring
  • Ensure complete situational awareness
  • Visualize unmanned traffic
  • Support deconfliction

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