construction safety week

5 Ways Drones Improve Construction Safety

May 04, 2022

From May 2-6, 2022, Construction Safety Week is celebrated. At DroneUp, we’re committed to putting people at the center of technology while building a culture of safety that the construction industry and its teams can benefit from. The use of drones in the construction industry rose 239% in 2017 alone, showing the value of this emerging technology and how it achieves these goals while reducing on-site risk.

The use cases for drones are constantly developing, but we’ve seen 5 key ways drones have improved construction safety.


1. Project Monitoring

With a drone, your team can observe hard-to-reach places on your site faster and on a recurring basis with consistent outputs. Not only do you improve the speed with which you monitor progress, but you also keep your team on the ground while still getting a better aerial visual to identify potential setbacks to your project. [Did you know employee falls account for 34% of worker fatalities on construction sites?]


2. On-site Inspection

Inspection is tedious, time-consuming, but ultimately necessary. The aerial photography and videography that drones provide help to alleviate the difficulties associated with manual inspection. Drones give you cost-effective, quicker, and more precise data from hard-to-reach areas that could put your team in danger. This means you’re improving safety by better identifying potential hazards while improving the speed of your inspections and keeping your projects on schedule.


3. Data Collection

Automated flights give you consistent and repeatable outputs that traditional methods simply can’t. Your team will spend less time capturing critical information and surveying dangerous areas such as stockpiles or high elevations. DroneUp offers the following data collection services to improve safety, save time, reduce costs, and maximize ROI industry-wide:

  • Aerial video and photography

  • Project and equipment monitoring

  • Orthomosaic creation

  • Topographic mapping and land surveys

  • Interior 3D modeling

  • Elevation of land for water run-off

  • Cut/fill analysis

  • Stockpile analysis/reports


4. Communication

Statistics show that poor communication is dangerous, but it’s one of the top reasons construction projects fail. Miscommunication can stem from inconsistent reporting, human error, and a myriad of other reasons. Through drone technology implementation, you know you can rely on project data to be accurate, requiring fewer physical trips to the site and reducing on-site risks.


5. Efficiency

Improving efficiency doesn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. Utilizing innovative emerging technology such as drones can help generate a multitude of additional data outputs, empowering teams to make better decisions, provide measurable value, and improve safety. The likelihood of an accident increases if teams are rushed to finish projects and meet deadlines. Preventing mistakes saves lives [most importantly]. It helps streamline your project by avoiding costly rework, holding subcontractors and teams accountable, and maintaining a better timeline through increased cross-functional awareness.


Safety is at the core of both drone operations and construction, which is why they go hand in hand with enhancing existing processes. Keep your most important assets safe - your workers - by partnering with DroneUp. Contact us today for more information and to see how we tailor our services to your needs.