5 Drones & Must-Have Essentials for Beginners

5 Drones & Must-Have Essentials for Beginners

Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would tell me which drone to buy so I can get my remote pilot business buzzing?”

A drone that is simple to learn. Maybe it will have a decent camera and be a great addition to your drone collection in the future. And, what about learning to fly it? Or, at least not crash it. Maybe you’ve asked, is there one out there that can teach me?

It seems impossible to determine which drone is best when there are many options on the market. The DroneUp pilot team has taken the guesswork out of this shopping process in an easy read. Here are our top 5 beginner drone picks with site links to give your remote pilot business lift-off:

Beginner Drone Picks

What makes these drones so great for the beginner in you? All 5 drones are lightweight and compact for carrying convenience. While the prices vary, each is inexpensive in comparison to more advanced options. Each drone has intuitive controls, which helps you learn faster, and they all shoot high quality images and videos. Not to mention, they are great to handle and a blast to fly, which makes learning fun!

What else do you need? While each of you will add favorite accessories and assets to your collection, getting started requires a few basics. Why do you need these? Simple, they are are must-have essentials to help keep your operation manageable, organized and productive.

Must-Have Drone Accessories

Apps to Start

You are also thinking, “What about the apps? Don’t over complicate this just yet, there are many. Use the piloting app that comes with your drone to start. While you might not be ready for-hire in our pilot network database, the DroneUp app provides drills to help you get your footing as the remote pilot in command. And, it’s free to recreational and Part 107 pilots.

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Amy Wiegand, Media Contact | amy.wiegand@droneup.com