Exciting Event this Weekend

February 03, 2018

Attention DroneUp Pilots:

You’ll be receiving a mission alert tomorrow to capture and upload video by Sunday night as part of a relationship we’re exploring with Weather.com. You’ll be asked to capture one battery worth of 1080p video of something you find interesting sometime in the window of 9 am ET Saturday to 6 pm ET Sunday. Then by 11 pm ET Sunday, upload your three best minutes of video via the DroneUp “My Media” link. We’ll be evaluating the footage along with Weather.com to see how good our pilots are and how broad our nationwide coverage is. We hope to develop a partnership with Weather.com that will be beneficial for everyone. Please participate in this mission.

So what has DroneUp been up to? As many of you know, we participated in disaster assessment and recovery in the aftermath of Harvey and Irma. Those efforts were rewarding and beneficial to those communities. We have incorporated what we learned into improvements in the DroneUp app, and we have been meeting with emergency management organizations across the country to understand better how the drone enthusiast community can help first responders. We’re making a lot of progress, and you’ll be seeing news of official cooperation with national, state, and local authorities soon.

If you take on this mission, please use the DroneUp app to check for airspace restrictions before you take off and remember to follow the regulations for safe drone operation. Also, be sure to go “DroneUp” when you’re flying and check the communication channels to compare notes with fellow pilots.

Look for the mission alert tomorrow morning and go DroneUp!

Tell your friends to download the app and join in!  https://www.droneup.com/app

Joe Fuller

DroneUp Mission Strategist