App news: Make pre-flight checks before going DroneUp

May 17, 2017

Psssst. Wanna see some cool screens from DroneUp?

That’s right, we’re starting to release views of the new app from the DroneUp development team! This is the pre-flight page in the DroneUp app, so that you can be fully informed on your local conditions before you go DroneUp.

  • How’s the weather?
  • What’s the windspeed?
  • Is there geomagnetic activity?
  • Are you close to any no-fly zones?
  • Do you need to notify air traffic control that you plan to launch your UAV?
  • Are there other drone pilots nearby?

The pre-flight page also allows you to select the distance, duration, and altitude you plan to fly. This enables DroneUp to tell nearby pilots that there is a drone going up in their area.  Don’t take the risk of crashing or damaging your UAV. Check the pre-flight page every time you go DroneUp.

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