Drone Insurance: Why a COI?

So you’ve gotten the right safety training and you’ve started to consider your insurance options. Now what? One of the most important aspects of

Drone Insurance: Where to Begin?

Once you feel that you have the proper education and training to get going with your drone business, you are ready to start looking

3 Prerequisites to DroneUp Safely

Are you starting a commercial drone operation? Maybe you have already jumped in, but are scratching your head wondering not only how you’re going

In-App Mission Requests

App Feature Release | iOS: 1.2.497 | Google Play: 1.6.646 DroneUp is excited to launch, “Mission Requests”,  a release geared toward obtaining drone jobs from

In-App Pilot Directory

App Update Release | iOS: 1.2.424 | Google Play: 1.6.562 November 16, 2018, The DroneUp mobile app now includes the Directory, which displays pilot