Drone Jobs: Spotlight on John Kayes

John Kayes DroneUp Callsign: ospreydrones Badges: Aerial Inspection, Aerial Mapping, Drone Registration, FEMA ICS 100, FEMA ICS 200, Insurance Verified, NC Operator, Part 107

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen DroneUp Callsign: ericolsen Badges: Part 107 Certified, DJI Pro, Aerial Inspection, Aerial Mapping, Verifly Member Eric Olsen is a problem solver. He’s

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Thomas Sanford

Thomas Sanford DroneUp Callsign: skyryder Badges: 360 Image, Aerial Inspection, Aerial Mapping, AIRDATA Pro, DJI Pro, Daylight 107.29, Drone Registration, Eagle Eye, Hangar 360,

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Ron Knox

Ron Knox DroneUp Callsign: aerialuav Badges:Responsible Community Pilot, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Inspection In the rugged, arid valleys between the great plateaus in Utah, a

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Michael Hill

Michael Hill DroneUp Callsign: TXPILOT Badges: 360 Image, Social Engagement, AIRDATA Expert, DJI Expert, Aerial Inspection, Drone Registration, FEMA ICS 100, Aerial Mapping, R.C.P.,

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Mike Raymond

Mike Raymond DroneUp Callsign: skycamkc Badges: Part 107 Certified, Responsible Community Pilot When we caught up with Mike, he was sitting on the tarmac

DroneUp Makes Impact at InterDrone 2019

DroneUp, LLC, will showcase its Mission Match™️ platform, connecting their clients’ requirements to complete drone services at Booth #311 at InterDrone 2019; held September

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on Jim Bonnardel

Jim Bonnardel DroneUp Callsign: jbonnardel Badges: DJI Intermediate, DroneDeploy, Part 107 Training, DJI Expert, Cinematic Pilot, Part 107 Certified, Dji Pro, Drone Registration, Social Engagement,

Drone Jobs: Spotlight on John Woike

John Woike DroneUp Callsign: samaramedia Badges: Cinematic Pilot, DJI Expert, DJI Pro, Insurance Verified, Part 107 Certified, Drone Registration, DJI Intermediate, Daylight 107.29 John Woike