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The 3 Big Benefits of Drone-Powered Retail Delivery

July 01, 2022

As retailers work hard to meet sky-high customer expectations, they’ve realized drone use is no longer a prospect for the future — it’s a valuable business tool that’s making an impact on their bottom line right now. 

263 million — that’s how many American consumers shop online, which equates to 80% of the nation’s population. By 2025, this number is anticipated to reach 291 million. Additionally, approximately 56.6% of US buyers prefer shopping online versus shopping in person. Even more significant? 79% of those online customers shop at least once a month. The reasoning behind this phenomenon? More than half (54%) cite direct home delivery, and their primary reason is that it’s hassle-free. Of course, that experience isn’t always guaranteed. It’s often dependent on a company’s ability to work with the right external partners to ensure rapid, errorless deliveries — ideally through sustainable operations.

Let’s have a look at why companies such as Walmart — which has plans in place to roll out drone delivery for online orders to six additional states this year, totaling 4 million households, and more than 1 million packages annually — are dedicating significant resources to this tech and taking advantage of the big benefits of drone-powered retail delivery.



The first reason is reliable outcomes. Now more than ever, being reliable is crucial when it comes to retail delivery. Nearly half (48%) of online customers say they want two- to three-day shipping, and 18% want their orders the same day or the day after, and if retailers can’t meet these demands, those shoppers will just go elsewhere to find other brands that can. By working with drones, you can develop and execute the ideal drone-based delivery solution that will ensure those consumers are covered. Whether you’re seeking custom packaging or flexible infrastructure footprints, it’s mission-critical to make the most of how drone technology can elevate your offerings. 



The second reason is a reduction in time and energy. Did you know that approximately 80% of what consumers order online weighs 5 pounds or less? Drone delivery can carry that weight easily, and organizations with multiple drone centers can significantly reduce the time and energy it takes to deliver a package. With next-generation delivery solutions, drones provide quick, cost-effective ways for businesses to serve their customers from order to handoff. This innovation is the next stage in the evolution of last-mile logistics — and the timing (especially as it relates to shipping) couldn’t be better. When drone services offer a proven aerial delivery ecosystem and best-in-class aerial delivery technology, numerous drop-off and pick-up locations are accessible and accuracy and safety can be achieved.



Speaking of last-mile logistics, sustainability and clean energy solutions created to future-proof delivery operations are also now more important than ever – which is the third big reason retailers are turning to drones. A whopping 45% of consumers started to make more sustainable purchases in 2020 and intend to keep doing so, which means retailers need to be cognizant of how products reach them. In fact, Google reported that search interest for “ethical brands” and “ethical online shopping” expanded 300% and 600% year over year in 2020. 

There are numerous benefits to drone-powered retail delivery, but three of the most significant — reliable outcomes, reduction in time and energy, and sustainability — are tremendously impacting the market. With no signs of a slowdown, retailers need to keep up, and drones can quickly deliver what’s necessary to succeed.


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