Total Airspace Management

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

DroneUp – The Platform
to Effectively Manage
Drone Operations

The exponential growth in drones presents enormous challenges maintaining National Airspace System (NAS) safety for manned aircraft. DroneUp’s UTM platform provides local, state, and federal agencies the ability to effectively manage drone operations. DroneUp’s
UTM addresses critical requirements for safe,
statewide drone operations.

We Offer More Than Just UTM

• Trained Recreational Operators
• Credentialed Commercial Pilots
• Airspace Access Controls
• Public Safety Information
• Remote ID
• Virtual Flight Restrictions
• Airspace Evacuation
• Real-Time Airspace Reporting
• Historical Data
• Operational Analysis

Verified Operators

Responsible Recreational and Properly Certified Commercial Pilots

Airspace Access

Automated or Moderated Airspace Access Based on FAA, TFRs, or VNFZ

Airspace Evacuation

One-Button Notification Issues Grounding Notification to UAV Pilots

Situational Awareness

Real-Time and Historical Airspace Data and Analytics

The Unmanned Flight Request (UFR) Process

Flexible Airspace Status Control &
Virtual No-Fly Zones

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