The Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) Program

Over 20,000 non-commercial pilots are flying safely and legally with our RCP certification.

The RCP program engages the drone pilot community through training, certification, and idea-sharing.  Through our partnership with the International Association of Community Drone Pilots (IACDP). We provide the means and connections with the community to help non-commercial pilots operate in the national airspace. Some of those free tools include:

Continually updated online courses and exams that improve regulation awareness
Mission-driven experiential exercises that enhance piloting skills
An online community for questions and discussion
Mobile apps that verify where it is safe to fly and active advisories nearby
Comprehensive Standards of Conduct
Detailed Safety Guidelines
Advocacy on behalf of the community

We believe airspace safety improves when:

  • A new member earns the RCP certification
  • We learn something new from a fellow community member
  • One of our safety or training officers points out an error during a training mission
  • We hold our community accountable for its actions

And, it’s not just non-commercial pilots. Over 30% of our membership are Part 107 certified sUAS pilots who take part in missions, provide valuable feedback to our members, and simply enjoy the camaraderie.

Ready to help demonstrate the community's commitment to safer skies?

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