How can I fly my drone legally?

According to the the FAA, to fly legally in the U.S. a drone pilot must either hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate for commercial operation OR fly by guidelines developed by a recreational/hobbyist drone organization such as DroneUp. Through our partnership with the International Association of Community Drone Pilots (IACDP), DroneUp offers the free "Responsible Community Pilot" (RCP) certification. Click "Get Certified" to register for the free RCP course. If you earn the RCP and download our app, you can show local authorities your certification with a couple clicks on your phone.

We enable a community committed to airspace safety.

We believe that airspace safety improves when members operate under a common certification, learn from fellow pilots and receive feedback from our safety or training officers during a training mission. The community is accountable for its actions.

Our members are not just recreational pilots. Over 30% of our pilots are Part 107 certified. They fly community missions, provide valuable feedback to our members, and simply enjoy the camaraderie.

Join us for safer skies for all pilots.

Ready to help demonstrate DroneUp's commitment to safer skies? In addition to our training and forums, you can download our mobile app to fly missions and participate with our community!