for Public Sector


for Public Sector

DroneUp Provides Access to UAS Services Through NASPO Valuepoint

DroneUp provides evaluation, planning, and development to public sector organizations in multiple regions across the USA for agency media relations & marketing services. Learn more about the tools to meet the procurement needs in your area with NASPO ValuePoint to help obtain preferred pricing and accelerate project timelines.

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DroneUp offers countless opportunities using drones to provide digital media, media monitoring and research, video creation, branding & asset development, public outreach, strategic data analysis, brand development, and educational strategies.

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Develop Major Socio-Economic Activity
with Complete Drone Solutions

DroneUp adds value to public education & awareness, compliance with policies & laws, economic development, general recruitment & employment, and tourism. The most significant contribution drones have in marketing to agency media is the impact on your tax bases through encouraging, promoting and developing socio-economic activity.

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Contact us today about Agency Media Relations and Marketing Drone Solutions.

DroneUp’s expansive pilot network provides an insured, extension to your marketing team. Our certified drone pilots validate airspace and offer specialized options and equipment from 360°’s, 3D models, simulations, high definition, infrared, thermal, LiDAR, and night vision. We provide secure data analysis, stunning images and video.