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Complete Drone Solutions

DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data collection services. DroneUp locates, qualifies and deploys drone pilots to your requirements delivering on-demand drone services.

DroneUp is poised to assist the following public sector entities and markets with aerial data collection solutions:  Aerial Inspection & Mapping Data, Agency Media Relations & Marketing Services, Agriculture & Game Management, Emergency Support Services, and Law Enforcement Support

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"Expertise, Competent, & Responsive"​

“The DroneUp team had the equipment and expertise to capture and process both the LiDAR and photogrammetry aerial data we needed on short notice. It was a pleasure working with such a competent and responsive group.”

Volpe Center_Circle
Bill Baron
US DOT Volpe Center
"They were impressed."

“DroneUp collaborated on an agriculture analysis. It involved aerial inspection and reporting on crop counts and crop health. Our client relayed that we were the most responsive drone company to their need and delivered a comprehensive analysis in a tight delivery window. They were impressed. Connect with us to learn more about our agriculture work and how it can benefit your project.”

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"Professional & Well-Organized"

"We are extremely thankful to DroneUp for the expedient response and the great resource they provided. They are a professional and well-organized operation. I would recommend DroneUp to any organization for the great resource they provide."

Richard Jones
Richard Jones, Deputy Chief,
Tallahassee Fire Department
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"Competent & Professional"

"DroneUp facilitated our Search and Rescue personnel in searching a large, inhospitable, and dangerous search area. We were able to maximize our search efficiency with the footage and intel the DroneUp analysts provided us. It was a pleasure to work with such a competent and professional group of people."

Detective Jacob Naylor
Detective Jacob Naylor
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
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No Minimum Missions & Insured Flights

Our certified drone pilots validate airspace and offer specialized options and equipment from 360°’s, 3D models, simulations, high definition, infrared, thermal, LiDAR and night vision. We provide secure collections and data. From pre and active evaluation to post-inspection records, we understand your requirements.

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DroneUp is a NASPO ValuePoint Supplier Partner.

This is a cooperative contract that allows customers access to technical capabilities through the NASPO ValuePoint Purchasing Program. For complete details of the award of this contract please visit the NASPO ValuePoint website.

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