Implementation of
Drone Public Safety Programs

Charles Werner,
Chief of Public Safety

A national leader in public safety, Charles serves as DroneUp’s Chief of Public Safety. He served 37 years in the City of Charlottesville, Va., Fire Department, where he retired as Fire Chief. He is a sought-after subject matter expert on FirstNet, communications, interoperability, geographic information systems (GIS), homeland security technology and UAS.With over 100 nationally published articles, he is a contributing editor for Firehouse magazine and contributes regularly to Urgent Communications magazine, sUAS News, Fire Rescue 1 and Domestic Preparedness magazine. Contact Charles for more information.

Creating a Public Safety Drone Program is a complex undertaking, but the benefits are well worth it. Based upon our experience with successful programs, we’d like to assist with building yours. In this link you will find, helpful background information and a few tips. Click-thru to the PDF for this valuable information from our Chief of Public Safety, Charles Werner.