Built for Emergency Response

DroneUp provides unparalleled management of sUAS operators during critical and emergency response events. Combining geospatial technologies, task management, mission-specific communications, and airspace transparency, our command center can identify, notify, deploy instantly, and deconflict drone operators regardless of mission area size.

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Utilizing dynamic geofencing, complex metadata filtering, and other data models, sUAS operators are assigned missions/tasks, provided with encrypted communication channels, and gather critical data for storage and analysis. The common operating environment streamlines airspace management and deconfliction. It also connects governments, corporations, and NGO’s with the necessary pilot pool during large-scale events requiring surge support from disparate organizations.


Powerful Features

Real-Time Location of All sUAS Operators
Rapid Web-Based Mission Creation  
Selection of Operators by Roles, Assets, or Skills
Instant Mission Notification to Operators
Mission-Specific Encrypted Communications
Multi-Agency Collaboration and Deconfliction
Command & Control Dashboards
Unlimited Number of Resources

DroneUp sUAS Response during Hurricane Irma
September 11, 2017, at 5:15 pm EST

"We are extremely thankful to Drone Up for the expedient response and the great resource they provided. They are a professional and well organized operation. I would recommend Drone Up to any organization for the great resource they provide." Richard Jones, Deputy Chief, Tallahassee Fire Department