Geospatial Automated Mission Processing System

 GAMPS - Geospatial Automated Mission Processing System

DroneUp is powered by GAMPS®, a powerful enterprise system that provides the necessary processing components to locate resources and assets, train operators, create action-missions, prioritize activities, track success, and evaluate performance.

Developed by DART Ventures LLC, GAMPS supports criteria-driven geospatial search, notification, and task assignment by acting as a central gateway for authentication, geospatial services, event processing, persistent storage, and notifications. By providing the underlying services necessary to support these use cases, the platform allows for simpler implementation of these core services while enabling unlimited extensions for additional dependent functionality.

GAMPS dramatically reduces the cost and time necessary to develop any application needed for personnel and asset assignment, tactical deployment, and outcome evaluation. Key elements of this system include:

  • Rapid Geolocation and Availability of Personnel and Resources
  • Development of Missions Or Tasks within a Specific Location and/or Based Upon Qualifications of Available Resources
  • Sequential and Success-based Missions/Tasks
  • Training and Community Missions/Tasks
  • Intelligent Chat-bot Interface
  • SMS and Push-notifications
  • Encrypted Mission and Channel Chat
  • Integration with Common Mapping Applications (Google Maps and Mapbox)
  • Enables Both Web and Mobile Support