DroneUp Security

Provide ample security, especially for large plants or campuses, without making it a tedious and costly endeavor. Drones aid in initiating a security program or supplementing current security systems safely and swiftly.


Improve Security Measures

Advanced capabilities include 24/7 all-weather wide area surveillance and the ability to autonomously launch a drone [or drones] to provide overhead surveillance or monitoring.

Reduce Cost

Manpower is normally the largest cost driver to implementing security measures. Strategically utilizing the proper drone solutions minimizes the number of security guards needed, providing significant overall savings.


DroneUp offers consultations on the best options for using drones in a security application. Let’s connect so you can see how we provide a wide range of service options through our solutions partners.

Tailored Services

Contact our expert team to learn how we can tailor our services to your project.

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