Maritime Inspections Services

Gain on-demand access to each and every asset documented for your commercial shipyards and offshore wind projects with a single click. Assessments are easier than ever to understand and safer to conduct - no travel necessary.


Detailed Analysis

Industry-certified experts perform close-up visual assessments from digital platforms. Annotations and collaborations are automatically captured, making report generation more efficient and accurate than ever.

Meaningful Reports

Reports are generated from the findings and points of interest identified in the analysis activities. Our certified experts utilize intelligent digital inspection tech to create reports presenting meaningful and actionable information about the vessel. This report is included in the deliverable package and is hosted as part of the vessel’s portfolio for historical record keeping and on-demand decision support.

Comprehensive Deliverables

All deliverables are made available to clients for the vessel via direct link to the asset management platform. In addition, individual data elements such as videos and photos used to assemble the digital twin are available in their raw formats through a secure cloud drive. Generated reports are tiered and included in this package.


Tier 1
  • 2D Orthomosaic
  • 360 Exterior Pano Video
Tier 2
  • 2D Orthomosaic
  • 360 Exterior Pano Video
  • 360 Interior Pano Video
Tier 3
  • 2D Orthomosaic
  • 3D Digital Twin
  • 360 Exterior Pano Video
  • 3D Interior

Tailored Services

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