We are not drone people who

know a little about business

We are business people who

know a lot about drones

Drones present significant opportunities for nearly every vertical of every industry.

Improved efficiency, accountability, security, and transparency are just a few of the measurable benefits our partners and clients are experiencing.

Developing the integration, adoption, and sustainability strategies presents challenges for even the best organizations.

We can help.


Claims Adjustments, Risk Engineering, Fraud Reduction

Real Estate

Maps, Surveys, Infrastructure and Mechanical Analysis


Soil and Field Analysis, Crop Monitoring, Irrigation, Health Assessment


Land Surveys, Site Security, Safety Inspections, Time-Lapsed Progressions

Public Safety

Incident Reconstruction, Damage Assessment, Search and Rescue, Security


Towers, Bridges, Power Lines, Roofs

Experience Matters

Our team consists of seasoned business leaders with expertise in IT, aviation, marketing, digital transformation, law, defense, public safety, and…. Yes, small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS or drone) operations.

We work with industry leading consulting firms, businesses, and government agencies to identify and develop effective drone strategies that promote positive and measurable outcomes.

Call today and let us help develop your global drone strategy.

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