DroneUp manages single-pilot, multi-pilot, and large-scale UAS pilot deployment services for commercial, government, and non-government organization's around the world. Our patent-pending mission management and communications platform is the most powerful in the industry and ensures effective response and unparalleled, real-time support for pilots in the field.

Step 1: Download the app

Use the App Store or Google Play to download and install the DroneUp app.

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Step 2: Fill out your profile

Open the app and login to the app with the same account you used to register.
Use the "hamburger" menu at the bottom right of the map view.

  • My Account: What's your name? Choose your unique Callsign and set a profile photo.
  • Credentials: What do you know? Upload a photo of your Part 107 certificate, and tell us about your waivers.
  • Assets: What kind of gear do you have? Add your UAS, sensors, and more from our comprehensive catalog of assets.
  • Skills / Capabilities / Affiliations: What can you do? Do you have special training or advanced equipment capabilities? With our quick tools, it only takes a few taps to enrich your profile for upcoming missions.


Claims Adjustments, Risk Engineering, Fraud Reduction

Real Estate

Maps, Surveys, Infrastructure and Mechanical Analysis


Soil and Field Analysis, Crop Monitoring, Irrigation, Health Assessment


Land Surveys, Site Security, Safety Inspections, Time-Lapsed Progressions

Public Safety

Incident Reconstruction, Damage Assessment, Search and Rescue, Security


Towers, Bridges, Power Lines, Roofs