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Join our Community to Fly Legally

According to the FAA, there are two ways to fly drones legally in the US: either fly according to a set of guidelines provided by a community-based group like DroneUp or get your Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA (a Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate is needed to make money with your drone). But what if you want to fly your drone recreationally or as a hobbyist and simply take great drone video with your multi-axis 4k camera? Just become a DroneUp Community Pilot (DCP). It's free. Take our DroneUp Safe Operations course. Pass the test and agree to fly by our DroneUp Pilot Safety Guidelines. DroneUp Community Pilots adhering to DroneUp Pilot Safety Guidelines are legal recreational/hobbyist drone operators in the National Airspace System.


DroneUp offers free training to meet FAA requirements for recreational/hobbyist operation and we offer a free Part 107 prep course and exam. When DroneUp members complete the DroneUp Safe Operations course and test and agree to abide by our DroneUp Pilot Safety Guidelines, they earn the DroneUp Community Pilot designation. That allows them to participate in DroneUp community missions when those alerts go out on the app. They can also fly legally in the US. If you want to go on to earn the Part 107 certificate, you can find Part 107 training online for $99 or $149 or even $299. But you don't need to pay that when DroneUp offers a thorough Part 107 prep course for free. DroneUp pilots should also adhere to our Standards of Conduct.


Develop relationships with professional and enthusiasts sUAS pilots who share a mutual desire to operate safely, have fun, give back to the community and be part of an organization making a positive impact on our industry. Participate in live chat during community missions and earn badges for completion of those missions. Share the satisfaction of helping your community with your pilot colleagues. Go up in rank as you complete more training and more missions and gain experience. Check in our pilot forums to see what everyone thinks about the latest gear from manufacturers or the latest regulations from the FAA. Join our periodic contests to earn great prizes.

Professional Opportunities

With one of the fastest growing networks of professional, and safety-focused pilots, DroneUp is continually evaluating partnerships opportunities that create contract opportunities for properly certified pilots. We have recently partnered with Weather.com to be a provider of video clips in the aftermath of weather events and natural disasters. Pilots can earn name credit and sometimes get paid for their content. We understand that professional drone pilots love to contribute to the community but they also need to pay the bills so we are working on additional opportunities for those pilots.

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