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DroneUp Badge Program

The program categorizes drone pilots with certain dexterity and knowledge. Badges are like certifications that qualify a pilot for job opportunities. This provides DroneUp with the ability to match pilots with the appropriate skills to the corresponding job niche, maximizing efficiency and client satisfaction. The program features a variety of objectives. When the badge is earned, it appears in the pilot’s profile on the DroneUp mobile app.

Knowing our pilots are up to the challenge, we have current missions that award badges once proof of content or documents are submitted. These badges are relatively simple in nature to earn, however, as missions become more complex, so will earning a badge to list on the pilot profile. New badges are created regularly to keep pilot certifications modernized.

These badges can be found in the Achievements section via the DroneUp mobile app.

360 Image

Pilot has captured a 360 image via a deployed mission or by the pilots own initiative.

Aerial Inspection

Capturing content like Buildings, Construction, Solar, Wind Turbines, Power Lines or Cell Towers would qualify for this badge.

Aerial Mapping

Pilot must show proficiency with autonomous mapping app(s) and show proof of their orthomosaic work.

C.O.A Training

Pilot has taken Certificate of Authorization (COA) training.

Cinematic Plot

Pilot shows video that includes smooth and cinematic abilities. Please check the DroneUp app for detailed instructions on this badge.

Daylight 107.29

Pilots obtains and uploads proof of a Daylight 107.29 waiver.

DJI Intermediate

Pilot shows at least 5 flying hours, providing a screenshot of flying hours in the DJI Go App’s “Flying Records” section.

DJI Expert

Pilot shows at least 25 flying hours, providing a screenshot from the DJI Go App’s “Flying Records” section.


Pilot shows at least 50 flying hours, providing a screenshot from the DJI Go App’s “Flying Records” section.

Drone Registration

Pilot has registered their drone(s) with the FAA.

Hangar 360

Pilot uses the Hangar app to capture an interactive 360 image.

Hangar Autopilot

Pilot has shown proficiency in the use of the Hangar Autopilot platform.

Insurance Verified

Pilot shows proof of drone liability insurance with coverage of $1 million or more.


Pilot shows a screenshot of obtaining and using the Litchi app.

Night Training

Pilot has provided documentation of successfully passing a Night Flight Course.

107 Certified

Pilot shows certification which demonstrates compliance with FAA.

Part 107 Training

Pilot completes the 107 Prep Course and Practice Exam that we provide online.

Responsible Community Pilot

Earned by completing and scoring 90% or better on the DroneUp Safe Operations course test.

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend to download the DroneUp app and email badges@droneup.com of their username so we can verify the referral was successful.


Pilot must achieve one of the following: Complete a DroneUp Search and Rescue mission. Show proof of a routine Search and Rescue exercise.

Social Engagement

Pilot tags and shares content about DroneUp through their social media channels.

Storm Chaser

Pilot has successfully flown a weather related mission and submits content from deployed mission.

Verifly Member

Pilot provides a screenshot showing proof of membership with Verifly Insurance.