About Us

Who is DroneUp?

What does DroneUp do?

DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data collection services for large, autonomous missions; leveraging our patented platform, Mission Match™️.  


DroneUp locates, qualifies and deploys drone pilots to your client requirements delivering on-demand drone services in-app alongside 24/7 manned, mission over-site. 

For whom?

DroneUp is poised to assist commercial industries and public sector organization: Facilities Management, Chemical, Construction, Architecture & Engineering, Energy & Utilities: Solar, Wind, Transmission & Distribution, and Oil & Gas. What’s more, DroneUp provides value to Emergency Support, Law Enforcement Services, Gaming and Media & Marketing Service. 

What makes DroneUp different?

DroneUp’s Approach – DroneUp’s complimentary consultations and quotes are designed to demonstrate how drone services operate to best serve an organization for contracting single or multi-pilot drone operations.

DroneUp’s Pilot Network – DroneUp’s expansive pilot network and real-time verification promptly locate and qualify the right pilot for quick and efficient deployment.

DroneUp’s Mission Management Team – DroneUp’s mission management team is focused on customer service; managing each flight alongside our patent-pending technology from beginning-to-end with 24/7 live support for both the pilot and our clients.


Our pilot network shall maintain and demonstrate contemporary knowledge of drone operations, policies, procedures and laws.


Federal, state, local, and FAA regulations are not just guidance or suggestions, they are laws and thereby govern the behavior of our safe drone operations.


It is the responsibility of all DroneUp members to support, inform, and protect the other members of this community.

Our Mission

DroneUp is committed to helping the FAA improve drone flight safety with every mission. We will educate ourselves and assist our pilot network. We will strive to ensure that our mission aligns with, and promotes, the desired outcomes of the FAA, public safety personnel, client requirements and the drone community.

Through camaraderie and group accountability, we will continue to meet our commitments to our pilot network, clients, and partners.

Thank you for partnering with DroneUp to assure community safety and that of our National Airspace System.