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Lesley Frana joins DroneUp as VP of Strategic Partnerships

November 10, 2022

Lesley Frana joins DroneUp as VP of Strategic Partnerships. Lesley to drive new commercial and technology partnerships to support DroneUp’s rapid growth.  

DroneUp continues to quickly grow and seek top talent to support its customers, investors, and the drone industry. As more companies and services are being formed around drones and the benefits they offer, DroneUp is excited to announce that Lesley Frana has joined the team as the VP of Strategic Partnerships to lead the effort to deliver growth opportunities through partnerships. 

Lesley joins DroneUp with three decades of experience helping businesses thrive via strategic technology initiatives. Lesley entered the drone industry in 2014, spending five years at Insitu, a Boeing company, as well as two years at Skyward, the former Verizon backed drone fleet management company. Lesley’s past work will play a critical role in exploring new ways of not just growing DroneUp’s business but also propelling the drone industry to new heights.

“We are thrilled to have Lesley on the team leading partnership development. As the drone industry continues to expand, we regularly see new concepts, products, services, and use cases emerge. Having Lesley, and her expertise at identifying these opportunities, will be so important for us to stay ahead of trends and really amplify the value our services offer to businesses and customers.”
- John Vernon, CTO of DroneUp

“From the early days of the commercial drone industry, I have enjoyed seeing DroneUp evolve from its beginnings as a pilot network to where it is today, providing a comprehensive suite of drone delivery, flight services, and UTM capabilities. Additionally, I see DroneUp playing a key role in expanding the boundaries of the entire industry through its collaboration with customers, partners, and regulators. I am thrilled to have joined the DroneUp team at this exciting time and look forward to engaging with a variety of industry partners.”
- Lesley Frana, VP of Strategic Partnerships at DroneUp

Lesley joined the team in September 2022. She has an MBA from The Wharton School, an MA in International Business from the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, and she obtained a BSc in chemistry from the University of Redlands.

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