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How DroneUp Hubs Are Fueling Commercial Real Estate’s Latest Take Off

September 13, 2022

Commercial real estate is taking off after facing turbulence during the pandemic. With hybrid work options on the rise, people are heading back into the office and prominent companies – like tech giant Google – are exploring corporate space to accommodate their workforce. 

With this upswing in the CRE market, experts say now is the time to invest in commercial properties. Forward-looking agents are taking advantage of innovative ways to optimize their portfolios, and they’re using drone-powered technology–like DroneUp– to get precise insights into their assets.

At DroneUp, we’re on a mission to take our partners to new heights. In pursuit of this, we’re launching Hubs throughout the U.S. with on-demand drones that capture property details quicker and safer than ever before. We’ve opened three Hubs in Northwest Arkansas and we’re just getting started. 


To Northwest Arkansas and Beyond

In November 2021, we announced the launch of three full-time Hubs in Northwest Arkansas. We started with our first Hub location in Farmington, followed by our second in Bentonville, and our third, most recent Hub in Rogers. No doubt, this region is booming.

Northwest Arkansas was the 13th fastest-growing US metro over the past decade, with its population jumping 20% in 2019. Many Fortune 500 companies call Northwest Arkansas home, and there’s a demand for more tech talent. In fact, earlier this year, the Northwest Arkansas Council offered $10,000 in bitcoin to entice tech professionals to relocate there. 

As the population grows, so does the pool of potential employees, driving companies to explore their commercial space options. Now is the time for commercial real estate agents and investors to manage their portfolios as effectively as possible. 


Leverage Our Pilots  

Our drones have always been available nationwide, and our Hubs provide even higher-touch flight experiences. Our Hubs are home to drone pilots and operators who are available seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Serving a 75-mile radius, our local pilots aren’t just familiar with the community–they are a part of the community. Each pilot undergoes specialized training and every flight is validated and authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration.

From photos to videos to 2D Orthomosaic maps and more, DroneUp’s end-to-end solutions capture intricate details from every angle so agents and investors can get a holistic view of each asset – safely from the ground. 


Taking Off to Other Locations  

Commercial real estate is positioned for continued success, with the industry’s market size expected to increase 2.8% this year. Furthermore, technology will continue playing a pivotal role in upleveling agents’ portfolios and ability to plan for the future. 

Take your portfolio to new heights with DroneUp’s Hub solutions for commercial real estate. We’ll provide you with the visual intelligence and critical insight needed to make important business decisions. Get in touch with an expert from our team today to see how our solutions can transform your portfolio. Leverage DroneUp’s drone technology for your commercial real estate portfolio.

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