FAA Releases COVID 19 Testing Relief Protocol

April 30, 2020
  • Breaking down Pages 28 & 29 of FAA SFAR 118 – Relief for Certain Persons and Operations during the Coronavirus Disease 2019

With the Coronavirus pandemic shutting down testing centers, the FAA is taking decisive action to help ensure remote pilots can maintain their currency while maintaining social distancing.

If you’re a Part 107 pilot up for recurrent testing between April and June 2020, you can take a test online for interim currency.

Remote Pilots who would normally need to take the recurrent written exam between April and June 2020 are authorized to use the FAA’s online UAS initial and recurrent certification courses (normally reserved for current Part 61 pilots) to demonstrate currency for 6 months. Remote pilots who are up for recurrent testing will simply need to complete this online course, and keep the completion certificate available as proof of currency. At the end of the 6th calendar month from the date the competition certificate is issued, remote pilots must take the Unmanned Aircraft Recurrent (UGR) exam at an FAA knowledge testing center to maintain their currency for another 24 calendar months.

If you’re taking the Part 107 test for the first time, you’ll have to wait.

The FAA did not extend the online courses as initial knowledge exams for 107 pilots. However, if you are a current Part 61 pilot you may still use this method as described in 107.65(c)

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Click here to read pages 28 & 29: FAA_SFAR_118_CoVid-19_Relief.pdf