Drone Insurance: Dynamic Drone Insurance Planning

Now that we have covered the drone insurance basics, and you have your policy up and running, we can discuss instances where the insurance may need to be layered.

Let’s say you have a monthly insurance policy because you know that you want to be insured regardless of the time of day you are flying. However, you then pick up a job for a real estate drone photography shoot and decide you need extra coverage. You can layer your basic monthly plan and add a separate on-demand drone policy; giving you the flexibility to pay for the insurance needed specifically for the hours you are filming with the real estate agent.

Making changes to your drone insurance plan is simple and adding on another separate policy for individual jobs will allow you flexibility with the jobs you accept.

Here’s another scenario:

You have a new contract for a full-month of drone inspections, and your client requests higher liability limits. In this mission, you plan on using a different, and more expensive type of sensor and camera. Therefore, you will want to add the sensor to your inventory and raise your liability limit. Once your contract has ended and you want to return to your standard plan, you can decrease your liability limit back to its original stage and remove the sensor from the inventory, thus paying only for the time specifically needed for that job.

In recap, start with getting the proper training, testing, and waivers as necessary to your jobs. Find a policy that works for you. Insure you have a COI that meets the standards of your job requirements, and inquire about layering insurance coverage as needed per job. Again, you do not have to think through these steps when covered by DroneUp or another pilot network. However, flying jobs you have secured directly will require savvy insurance planning. Don’t be left without a plan.

If you have additional questions about SkyWatch.AI’s insurance coverage or how it works flying an insured flight through DroneUp, feel free to reach out to us at support@skywatch.ai or pilots@droneup.com.

Stay tuned for more guest blogs with SkyWatch.AI. Up next month, “Incidents and Claims”.

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