In-App Mission Requests

January 08, 2019

App Feature Release | iOS: 1.2.497 | Google Play: 1.6.646

DroneUp is excited to launch, “Mission Requests”,  a release geared toward obtaining drone jobs from the app with ease and assisting in mission engagement to further enhance our Mission Match patent-pending process. “Mission Requests”, as coined in the app, are client jobs that will be matched to the locations the drone pilot sets-up in his profile. This feature includes auto-notifications to help claim the missions for the requests in the intended location. Missions include tasks, each of which will identify if it is a paid task or not and the requirements expected. Also, a single mission may have more than one task, which translates to more jobs for the pilot. Go DroneUp! Stay tuned for feature releases and enhancements throughout 2019.

Amy Wiegand, Media Contact | [email protected]