Continuous Improvement

February 07, 2018

Starting February 9th, 2018, participation in DroneUp missions requires initial and recurring completion of the DroneUp Safe Operations training course. The course material will be updated with lessons learned and regulation changes.

Why are we adding recurring training?

Easy answer, it’s the right thing to do. However, it’s also based on issues identified from recent operations.

Over the weekend, we conducted a nationwide weather recon operation. Hundreds of pilots from across the country participated. From beginning to end, a senior training officer and a senior safety officer were continually monitoring communications and media. Pursuant to our mission of continuous improvement and transparency, any potential issues were immediately evaluated and addressed.

Six questionable activities were identified. Each time, the pilot was contacted offline by our mission supervisors to discuss the possible violation. Training, specific to each incident, was then shared and added to our training guides.

Subsequent review of reported incidents revealed the following:

  • 3 were Part 107 certified pilots
  • 2 were operating on public safety waivers
  • 1 was a non-certified operator (500 ft ceiling visibility)

Single-exam certifications are not silver bullets. Continuous practice and education can be.

We support FAA requirements. Our training and safety officers must hold, at a minimum, a Part 107 certification. We strongly encourage all of our pilots to obtain the highest certifications offered by the industry. We will continue to add and update our training materials to help you.

Look for the latest version of the Safe Operations course in your app on Feb. 9th.

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. Let’s continue to work together to keep the skies safe.