DroneUp News – Pre-launch Mission Alert

June 19, 2017

DroneUp is enormously grateful to all of our members who responded to our pre-launch mission alert last week! Our local community of Chesapeake, Virginia, asked DroneUp to help in the search for a missing elderly woman. Within a few hours, we had passed the word to you, the DroneUp community, even though the app isn’t fully online yet. Your response on social media was amazing, and we were able to support our first responders in service to our local community. Our hats are off to you!

This week in DroneUp News:

  • Our Feature Preview shows off the main map view, giving you a 2-minute orientation to the current beta app
  • Photo of the Week
  • Beta News
  • … and more!

Click here to read the rest of this week’s DroneUp News, including “Map Actions” in this week’s Feature Preview.